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Glendale city council considers banning gun show

Should Glendale ban gun shows?
Should Glendale ban gun shows?

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It could be the end for gun shows in Glendale. Tonight, the Glendale City Council will host a discussion regarding the fate of the Glendale Gun Show, which typically comes to town multiple times a year. In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, City Councilman Rafi Manoukian suggested the ban as a means to curb gun violence in the community.

Last week, gun rights supporters appeared in front of the Council in an effort to take the ban off of this week’s agenda. But Manoukian was undeterred, and now with support of Mayor Frank Quintero, he only needs one more member vote to ratify the ban. Gun advocates point out that the gun show is more of an event for families; Manoukian counters that argument with the fact that it occurs so close to Glendale Community College, which is right across the street from the Civic Auditorium where the gun show is held. Manoukian has tried to make this move before, in 2006, and there is some ambiguity to the legality of such a ban being rolled out. Glendale benefits economically from the shows, which net around $55,000 annually for the city. Fourteen years ago, Los Angeles County Supervisors voted to ban gun shows on county property, which resulted in the loss of the hugely popular Pomona Gun Show.

Should municipalities profit at all from gun sales? Are there safety issues surrounding such a gathering of gun owners and sellers?  Do you enjoy gun shows as a sport-oriented, collector and family-friendly event? What alternatives would you seek out if it were to be banned?

Paul Neuharth, Attorney based in San Diego who works on gun ownership cases (reinstating gun licenses)