AirTalk for January 22, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Holds Concistory
Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles Roger M. Mahoney has again apologized for his involvement over twenty years ago in concealing child molestation by priests from law enforcement, including keeping clergy out of California to avoid prosecution. Mahoney’s apology came as his previously confidential correspondence from 1986 and 1987 recently became public evidence in a civil court case.

Glendale city council considers banning gun show

Tonight, the Glendale City Council will host a discussion regarding the fate of its gun show, which typically comes to town multiple times a year.
Seeking Arrangement
With the constant fear of rising tuition costs, some college students are seeking alternate methods to pay for their tuition and living expenses.
Superstorm Sandy

Hurricane Sandy relief passes amidst in-party disagreement

Should the federal government be responsible for disaster relief? Should states more prone to natural disaster pay more in taxes? What is the best way to implement relief – should it go hand in hand with spending cuts? If a Sandy-level event were to take place in California, how would you want it to be handled?

Could the Algerian standoff have avoided such bloodshed?

Details have emerged in fits and starts from the messy siege in Algeria that ended Saturday.
opportunity rover mars

Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s focus on Mars

On Wednesday, JPL will release a new documentary titled “The Changing Face of Mars.” Today on AirTalk, we invite the creator of the movie, Blaine Baggett to discuss JPL’s exploration of Mars over the years, as well as any exciting new developments being found.
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