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Dodgers TV deal with Time Warner

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The Dodgers celebrate a victory in Dodger Stadium. Soon, their games will be aired on their own channel. Harry How/Getty Images

Reportedly, the Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable for the team’s television contract. As a result, the Dodgers will now get its own channel, akin to the setup the Lakers have after their deal with Time Warner Cable last year. The specifics of the deal aren’t yet known—it has yet to be sent to the MLB for approval—but it is expected to land somewhere between $6 and $7 billion.

Previously, the Dodgers had a deal with Fox Sports, but Time Warner Cable came into the conversation when an exclusive negotiating window with Fox expired. Time Warner Cable now has television deals with the Lakers and the Dodgers, both of which were previously with Fox Sports.

So what does this mean for Los Angeles Dodgers fans? How has the Lakers deal with Time Warner Cable played out? Can we expect to see more of the same in this deal? What does it mean for the team, and for local television?  


Bill Shaikin, Covering baseball on and off the field for the Los Angeles Times

Jon Weisman, Reporter and Editor at Variety

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