AirTalk for January 23, 2013

Activists Rally For Comprehensive Immigration Reform In Washington
The reelection of recently inaugurated President Obama is a telltale sign of a greater shift in perspective among Americans on many issues including immigration policy.
My Share of the Task

Gen. Stanley McChrystal tells real war stories in new memoir

In his new memoir, General Stanley A. McChrystal tells his side of the story on the War on Terror, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dr Philip Nitschke Gives A Workshop On Assisted Suicide

Assisted suicide brings judicial leniency

Should “helping” someone to die bring a lighter sentence than other types of killing?
Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots
The family of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau sued the NFL today for “acts or omissions” about the danger of repetitive blows to the head that led to Seau’s chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and ultimately his suicide.

Dodgers TV deal with Time Warner

Reportedly, the Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable for the team’s television contract. The specifics of the deal aren’t yet known—it has yet to be sent to the MLB for approval—but it is expected to land somewhere between $6 and $7 billion.

Never Built: Los Angeles architecturally reimagined

Can you imagine Los Angeles with a series of interconnected public parks? With major freeways cutting through canyons and hills? In an upcoming exhibit at Los Angeles’ A+D Architecture and Design Museum, co-curators Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin explore a version of L.A. that was imagined, but never built.
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