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AirTalk for January 24, 2013

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Who's the best candidate for California? Health experts say Rio games should be moved; plus the 5th District Supervisors debate

Based on the issues Californians have identified as most important to them in the latest field poll, how do the presidential candidates measure up - and who's best for the state? Then, the coauthor of a letter sent by 150 public health experts calling for the 2016 Olympic games to be moved from Rio makes his case; Plus, the candidates for the Los Angeles County 5th District Supervisors seat debate

Fallout from Gawker lawsuit; a new bill let's you break hot dogs out of cars; & why Exide cleanup has taken so long

Could Gawker's lawsuit have a "chilling effect" on tabloid news? One of the major sources of funding for CA's high speed rail project was revenue from cap and trade auctions of carbon credits, but last week's auction was a bust; then, a state bill would free passersby of liability if they break someone's car window to rescue a hot dog inside - will owners avoid bringing dogs for fear of overzealous animal lovers breaking into their cars to free a dog that's just fine? And a closer look at why it's taken so long to cleanup Exide.

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