AirTalk for January 29, 2013

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts may lift ban on gay leaders

The Boy Scouts of America may lift its ban on gay members and leaders as early as next week. The BSA reaffirmed its prohibition of homosexuals in July 2012 and has since come under fire for what many consider to be outdated and discriminatory policies. The Scout’s national board will discuss reforms to the ban next week as part of what they say has been an ongoing dialogue.
LA Mayors Debate
The Service Employees International Union has yet to throw their weight behind a candidate but there are signs the nod will come soon; they’ve called Greuel and Garcetti back for a second interview, to be held this evening.

One-two punch on immigration reform

Join us live as the nation awaits Obama's proposed legislation on immigration reform.
New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot opens the gates to 1930s Hollywood’s in her new book “The Entertainer: Movies, Magic, and My Father's Twentieth Century.” The memoir is a portrait of Talbot’s father, actor Lyle Talbot, the titular entertainer.
Obese Doctor Works At Helping Himself And Others Regain A Healthy Lifestyle

Is sitting the smoking of our generation?

Are we unknowingly harming our bodies by sitting too much? How damaging is lack of physical activity?

Home prices in LA are moving on up

KPCC reporter Matt DeBord joins Larry to discuss the rise in home prices in Los Angeles. How will changes to the housing market affect you? Will this dissuade you from buying a home? Do investors throw off prices? How could this affect rentals?
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