AirTalk for January 30, 2013


Is Egypt on the verge of collapse again?

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has dismissed the violence and told reporters, “What is happening now in Egypt is natural in nations experiencing a shift to democracy,” but as the bodies pile up and the calls for his ouster grow louder, what could be done to shift the course in Egypt?
New York University (NYU) students cheer

Getting an online degree just got easier

Starting next fall, the University of Wisconsin system is offering the first competency-based online degree program in the nation. This program, called the “UW Flexible Option,” will allow adult students to earn a bachelor’s by passing a series of assessments that determine competency in a field of study.
common cold

How do you handle your sick days?

In the pre-digital days it was okay to just stay home, eat chicken soup, curl up in bed and watch Andy Griffith reruns. Nobody expected you to do anything. But nowadays with our digital interconnection, we feel compelled to keep up with email, participate in conference calls, and work remotely.
BlackBerry 10 launch 2013

Blackberry’s last stand

Blackberry rolls out two phone models today, the Z10 and Q10. But if these phones are not well received by consumers, Blackberry may be out of the smartphone game for good. Where do your Blackberry loyalties lie?
Blockbuster To Close 300 Stores In U.S.
Does digital streaming mean physical copies of movies on DVD and blu-ray disc will go the way of the vinyl record?

Are human beings headed for extinction?

The common perception is that as time marches on, the human population will continue to rise. Advances in technology and health will lead to longer lives, and thus the Earth will be burdened by billions upon billions of hungry mouths to feed, both young and old. And not just food, but oil, land, water and other resources will be gobbled up until there isn’t enough to go around.
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