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In the wake of XGames Snowmobiler Caleb Moore’s death, are extreme sports too extreme?

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Racers compete in the first round of Snowmobile Snocross at Winter X Games Aspen 2013 at Buttermilk Mountain on January 27, 2013 in Aspen, Colorado. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Last Thursday, at the Winter XGames in Grand Junction, Colorado, 25-year-old snowmobiler Caleb Moore failed to land a backflip on his snowmobile resulting in a gruesome crash which led ultimately to his death, which was announced by his family today. It’s natural for athletes to compete at the highest levels possible, and in the extreme sports community a sense of one-ups-manship drives competitors to push the envelope of what is considered “make-able,” but how far is too far?

Do we now find extreme sports on a big enough stage that it’s time to create commission to determine safety standards? Is it time to create laws in a community that’s always prided itself on not playing by rules?

Lance Pugmire, sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times who wrote about Moore’s crash in Wednesday’s Times

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