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Naomi Watts does 'The Impossible'

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Naomi Watts in the film "The Impossible." Warner Brothers

She says she “never gets recognized” on the street, but chances are if you’ve seen "Mulholland Drive," "King Kong," "The Ring" or "21 Grams," you can’t forget Naomi Watts.  According to the British-born Watts, she’d rather “schlub around” at Sundance than spend time picking out a dress for the Oscars, but she’ll be walking the red carpet this year – Watts earned her second Academy Award nomination for her role in the Spanish film "The Impossible." In the film, based on the true story of a family’s fight to survive the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Watts battles the elements with her young son as she tries to reunite with her husband and children.

Watts can also be seen in "Movie 43," currently in theaters, and later this year stars as Princess Diana in the biopic "Diana" – a role she calls “high, high, high risk.” Watts talks with Larry about the physical and emotional demands of filming "The Impossible," the challenges she faced portraying a real-life survivor of a tsunami and the close relationship she forged with Tom Holland, the young actor who plays her son.

Naomi Watts, Oscar-nominated actress, "The Impossible"

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