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Why your two-year old tells little lies

Why does your two-year old tell little lies?
Why does your two-year old tell little lies?
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Anyone who spends time with toddlers know they can have active imaginations. Now a study shows some children as young as two are capable of telling minor fibs. Researchers in the journal of Developmental Psychology say it's the first time deception has been studied in children so young. They found 25 percent of children that age say little mistruths. It's not just to cover-up things, according to these experts, but rather to show how smart or capable they are. It could be indicative of advanced mental development. As children grow, so can lying.  Eighty percent of four-year olds are said to lie. However, the percentage decreases through adolescence, according to empirical evidence.

Has that been your experience as a parent? How can you teach honesty when lying is a natural stage of development? How should you react when your tot tells tales?

Angela Evans, Ph.D., Developmental Psychologist; Assistant Professor, Brock University in Ontario, Canada; Study Co-Author (along with Kang Lee of University of Toronto) "Emergence of Lying in Very Young Children," published in Developmental Psychology journal; Evans has studied lying in children of all ages.