AirTalk for February 4, 2013

Cardinal Roger Mahony Celebrates Christmas Mass At The Cathedral Of Our Lady Of The Angels

Cardinal Mahony’s explanation of child sex abuse scandal

Retired Cardinal Roger Mahony responded to criticisms in a blog post published Friday.
Oil pumps in operation at an oilfield ne

Whittier vs. Los Angeles County on oil

Last Thursday, the city of Whittier made a bold move by purchasing the land and mineral rights of a local nature preserve. Whittier used $9.3 million in funds opened up to the city by the passage of Proposition 19, which stipulates that the land be used for conservation purposes. But now, the preserve may be a source of revenue if opened for development and drilling.
metro expresslanes

Toll lanes on the 10 and 110: Wide open spaces or cash grab?

On February 23rd Metro ExpressLanes opens the HOT (High Occupancy Toll) lanes on the I-10 freeway. The I-10 will adhere to most of the same confusing rules as the I-110, but will the toll lanes actually relieve congestion or is Metro just trying to make money?

The millennial vote in 2016

Looking forward to the next presidential election, some big names have been bandied about. Even before the 2012 race was over, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were all mentioned as potential contenders for their respective parties. Who has the most youth appeal?
Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

The Super Bowl scores a touchdown for social media activity

Who knew that football and social media go together like chips and dip at a Super Bowl party? Everyone knows that the Super Bowl scores big viewer ratings for TV networks, but this year the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers also ignited more posting on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks than ever before.
Two-year olds in a row

Why your two-year old tells little lies

Anyone who spends time with toddlers know they can have active imaginations. Now a study shows some children as young as two are capable of telling minor fibs.
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