AirTalk for February 5, 2013

Has realignment caused a spike in property crimes?

Could an attempt to lessen our prison population be putting a strain on police departments and local communities?
The California and U.S. governments have filed suit against credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's over its ratings of subprime mortgage investments.
Ravers dance at the "Nature One" electro
Should raves be banned altogether? Would banning raves put an end to drug overdoses, or could it potentially drive rave culture underground and make it more unsafe? What would be the best way to moderate these events in order to keep people safe?
City Attorney Candidates
Defending incumbent Carmen Trutanich, and candidates Mike Feuer and Greg Smith join AirTalk for a lively debate. What kind of city attorney do Angelenos need? What's your question for the candidates?

Baby Boomers less healthy than their parents

Currently, only 13 percent of boomers rate themselves in ‘excellent’ health; 32 percent of their parents in the same age bracket gave themselves that rating. There have been major advances in medical care, awareness campaigns and public health policy since then - so what accounts for the difference?
Roman Coppola

The fantastic Mr. Coppola

Roman Coppola discusses his work and the Oscar nominated screenplay for "Moonrise Kingdom."
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