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‘Going to Tehran’ says U.S. opinion about Iran is based on myth

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Flynt and Hillary Leverett's new book ‘Going to Tehran’ says U.S. opinion about Iran is based on myth. Going to Tehran book cover

Iran is not trying to build nuclear weapons, the majority of Iranians support the Iranian republic and Iran is not on the verge of collapse– says Flynt and Hillary Leverett. The Leveretts cite their resumes to qualify such big statements. Both have served at the National Security Council, the State Department and as foreign policy analysts in the Clinton and Bush administrations. They have spoken extensively on U.S.-Iranian relations, and in their new book, “Going to Tehran: Why the United States must Come to Terms with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” they hope to dispel “myths” about Iran and change 30 years of foreign policy of sanctions, isolation and attempted regime change.

They believe that Iran is open to improved U.S.-Iranian relations but that the U.S. needs to recognize the Islamic Republic as a legitimate political order. However, if the U.S. refuses to do so, then the Leveretts predict the United States will lose its position in the Middle East and the world.

Are the Leveretts right? Why does this belief go against public opinion about Iran?

Flynt Leverett, Co-Author, “Going to Tehran;” Professor of International Affairs and Law at Penn State; formerly served at the National Security Council, State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency

Hillary Mann Leverett, Co-Author, “Going to Tehran;” Lecturer, American University; formerly served at the National Security Council and State Department; and has conducted negotiations for the U.S. government with Iranian officials

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