AirTalk for February 11, 2013

KPCC Police Crime stock photo

The manhunt for Dorner continues

With a $1-million reward out for Christopher Dorner, hundreds of tipsters have called police.
LAX Christmas 2012

Is LAX monopolizing air traffic from local airports?

Should Ontario be released from LAWA’s control? What efforts have been made to regionalize on LAWA’s behalf? What would be the benefits of Ontario being under local control? What effect would that have on the local communities?

Pope Benedict XVI to retire

In a stunning announcement today, Pope Benedict XVI said that he would be resigning at the end of the month. Pope Benedict cites his age and health as his reasons for retirement.

Making meaning in the mind’s eye

What pictures fill your mind on a daily basis, and how do they help you navigate your life? What would they look like in the mind’s eye of another? How do we use our imagination to turn clouds into circus animals, dreams into reality?
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Pop is king at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Who cleaned up at this year’s Grammys? Who deserved their awards, and who was snubbed? Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle joins us to discuss music’s biggest night and weigh in on the winners and losers.
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