AirTalk for February 12, 2013

President Obama Addresses The Nation During State Of The Union Address

Nation, what do you want to hear from the President tonight?

What do you want to hear from the President tonight?
New York And NJ Residents Struggle To Recover One Week After Superstorm Sandy

The new modern family includes non-romantic co-parents

As ideas of what constitutes a “traditional” family change and expand to include divorced couples, same-sex partners, and step-parents, are non-romantic parenting matches a sign of a change in the tides? Should people who raise a child together be romantically involved? How should the law accommodate these couples?
Students Pledge Allegiance To The Flag In Pennsylvania

The relationship between gender and profanity

How often do women swear compared to men? And are they judged differently for it? Do you swear more than most other women? Or are you a man who doesn’t like to curse? Call in to AirTalk and let us know. Oh, and watch your language.
Texas A&M v SMU
Texas Governor Rick Perry is in Los Angeles and Orange County this week trying to tempt California businesses to the lone star state. Yesterday, Perry told the San Jose Mercury-News that Austin, Texas is set to be the "next Silicon Valley." He said high taxes and strict regulation in California are stifling growth.
Motorcycle Deaths Rise In California

California releases new rules for motorcycle lane-splitting

Are you a motorcyclist? How do you feel about these rules? Have you ever had any encounters with lane-splitting as a driver? Should motorists be more aware of cyclists when they’re driving, or is the road no place for such risky behavior?
Going to Tehran
Flynt and Hillary Leverett's new book hopes to dispel “myths” about Iran and change 30 years of foreign policy of sanctions, isolation and attempted regime change.
Christopher Dorner Big Bear Roadblock
News broke in the middle of the show today that ex-LAPD fugitive Christopher Dorner was reportedly engaged in a shootout with police.
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