AirTalk for February 14, 2013

Cruise Ship Loses Power In Gulf Of Mexico

When cruises go wrong

After five days without power and limited sanitation and food, passengers on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph can't wait to end their trip. The ship is about 25 miles or so from Mobile, Alabama, where it is being sent to port and is expected to dock sometime between eight and 11 p.m. EST.
Young Son With His Career-Minded Mother

How should California employers accommodate working parents?

What sorts of provisions should exist for working parents? Are accommodations for employees with child-care concerns on the horizon in the U.S.?
American Airlines And US Airways Announce Merger Agreement

What will an American-US Airways merger mean for travelers?

As of this morning, American Airlines and US Airways has official combined to become the “new American Airlines.” It it’s new iteration, the airline is said to be worth a whopping $11 billion and will offer more than 6,700 daily flights in 56 countries.
The Disaster Diaries

‘The Disaster Diaries’

If a devastating earthquake hit tomorrow and knocked out the power grid, how much food and water would you need for your family? Former U.S. Merchant Marine, EMT and wilderness firefighter Sam Sheridan shares what he learned to survive not only an initial devastating event, but potential resulting long-term post-apocalyptic environments too.
WeHo Halloween - 2

Is offbeat, offline romance still possible?

We want to hear your stories of offbeat, offline romance – the person you met in the elevator or on an international flight, the odd encounters with love-struck strangers, the weird, the wild, the romantic. Leave your stories in the comments, or tweet us @airtalk.
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