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Dorner remains identified, now what about that million dollar reward?

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Riverside Police Officers console each other outside of Grove Community Church before Michael Crain's funeral on February 13th, 2013. Mae Ryan/KPCC

It’s been twelve days since Christopher Dorner was suspected of killing Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence, and this whirlwind pursuit ended yesterday when charred remains from a burning cabin was identified as Dorner. The residents of Big Bear are entering back into their routines since LAPD lifted their tactical alert and witnesses have recounted their stories.

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However, as these tragic events come to a close, many questions linger. The public questions whether police officers’ use of seven tear gas canisters, nicknamed “burners,” intentionally led to a fire that burned the cabin and Dorner. How did over 200 police officers swarm Big Bear for nearly a week and not find the suspect hiding just a few doors away? And, who gets the $1 million dollar reward?

Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times reporter

Ben Bergman, KPCC reporter

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