AirTalk for February 22, 2013


Dueling sequester scenarios

While Republicans and Democrats may agree on the inevitability of the sequester, they don’t agree on the effect sequestration will likely have on the American economy. Will it really trigger a fiscal cliff or not cause the economy any major harm?
2013 FilmWeek Oscar Preview

Oscars 2013: Eleventh Annual FilmWeek Oscar Preview

Hollywood’s biggest night of the year is nearly here and as Tinseltown prepares for the Oscars, Larry Mantle and the FilmWeek critics offer their recommendations, critiques, and predictions about who should, who will, and who won’t win Academy Awards on Sunday. Who do the critics think will win Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture? To find out, listen in as Larry hosts the Eleventh Annual FilmWeek Oscar Preview at the historic Egyptian Theatre.
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