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AirTalk for February 25, 2013

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85th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

What defines a successful Oscar night?

What kinds of changes could make the Oscars more compelling? What were your favorite moments from last night’s show? Join us to discuss last night’s awards, the biggest snubs and surprises and the most deserved wins.
TV-Warren Littlefield

NBC suffering sweeps week like never before

NBC once dominated primetime ratings and reigned supreme for "Must see TV" shows like Friends and Law and Order. However, it's been struggling to keep up with competitors and its ratings finished last place this sweeps week, behind ABC, CBS, Fox and Univision. Former NBC President of Entertainment joins Larry to give an insider account.
Apple's World Wide Developers Conference Begins In San Francisco

Activist shareholders try new tactics

How do shareholder rights coexist or conflict with corporate interests?
Boehner, Cantor Talk To Media After GOP Conference Meeting
An $85 billion automatic cut is set to happen on Friday, and the Obama administration yesterday issued reports about how sequestration will affect each state.
Blindspot approved.indd
Many Americans like to think that they hold few, if any, racial prejudices, but when it comes to choosing friends, a number of these same people are likely to base their choices on race without even realizing it.

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Downed Russian jet, secrets of aging well & the Sony hack 1-year later

We discuss the Russian warplane shot down by Turkey and its effect on the White House's IS meeting; Brian Grazer weighs in on producing his upcoming episode on aging in National Geographic's series "Breakthrough" & we look back at changes that erupted from the 2014 Sony hack.

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