AirTalk for March 4, 2013

Subsidized Long-Term Care Supporters See Opportunity With Health Care Bill

Did liability fears stop CPR by nurse?

A nurse at an independent living facility for the elderly refused to perform CPR on a resident who was barely breathing. The nurse called 911. The dispatcher implored her to perform CPR, but the nurse said she was not allowed to do so.
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Are you ready to cast your ballot for Los Angeles?

We're two days away from the city election. The race for mayor intensified last week with candidates trading insults and attacks. Accusations of corruption and lying may get the attention of voters, but on a lighter note, celebrity endorsements have also been on an upswing.
With Pope Benedict XVI now officially retired, the Catholic church is without a full-fledged world leader. How will this impact the status quo?
Social media has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We tweet, we IM, we Facebook, we email, we chat with our coworkers online—even when they sit just two cubicles away. As a consequence, a new style of writing has emerged. We are writing shorter, we are using more acronyms and abbreviations, and much less punctuation.
HIV particles, yellow, infect an immune cell, blue.

Baby “cured” of HIV

How could treating infants early help prevent the spread of H.I.V.? Is there a way to make these drugs more affordable? Could the United States see an AIDS-free generation?
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