AirTalk for March 6, 2013

Mayoral Election Held In Los Angeles

Election results and analyzing exit poll results

Redux is one word to sum up yesterday’s primary election. The mayoral race between City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel will head to a May 21 runoff, with Garcetti getting 33 percent and Greuel locking in 29 percent of the vote.
Starting in April, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow certain small knives and items like hockey sticks, golf clubs and pool cues be permitted carry-on items on domestic flights. Do you think they should be allowed?
The city council of Newport Beach has voted to get rid of fire pits on the beach, and the California Coastal Commission is reviewing the city’s request for a permit to remove them in San Diego today.

The complicated legacy of Hugo Chavez

Venezuelans are stocking up on goods fearing destabilization in the country. The death of longtime leader Hugo Chavez yesterday may leave a leadership vacuum.
Dr. Meg Jay

Why your twenties are not a throwaway decade

Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay's recent TED talk encouraged young adults to realize one thing—make your twenties count. Is Jay putting too much pressure on 20-somethings or is she underestimating them?
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