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Jumping through hoops to get a job

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When Walmart was hiring for its Neighborhood Market store in Altadena, California, hundreds of job seekers lined up. With so many applicants per job, how efficient is the hiring process in today's economy? KPCC

The “Great Recession” that began in 2008 upended the economy and left millions of Americans without jobs. Now, in 2013, as the economy climbs back and the unemployment rate continues to drop, employers have large numbers of qualified candidates from which to choose. But many companies still aren’t rushing to fill vacant positions. Instead, they’re taking a more cautious approach to hiring new labor and counting on existing employees to take on the extra workload.

The result is a growing number of dispirited job hopefuls who are experiencing a new kind of grueling, multi-step interview process and some unorthodox requests. Some candidates have endured eight or more interviews for jobs that may never be filled and spending valuable time and resources on transportation, food, clothing and time trying to get the gig.

What can convince employers to invest in their workforce and fill vacant positions? How can desperate job seekers circumvent or survive the interview gauntlet? Have you been run through the ringer to get a job?

Cynthia Shapiro, career strategist and author of “What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here?” (St. Martin's Griffin 2008)

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