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AirTalk for March 12, 2013

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New York City Board Of Health Approves Bloomberg's Over Sized Sugary Drink Ban

Judge blocks New York soda ban

Is legislation the most to help people make informed choices about their health? If not, is price control a better way? Is putting a graphic advisory, a la cigarette packages in countries like Canada or England, the way to go? What's the most effective way to help consumers make the decision to kick certain bad habits themselves?

Are online reviews trustworthy? (Poll)

Who can we trust as consumers? How can we sniff out bogus reviews? What are consumer review sites doing about this growing problem?
Cardinals gathered in Vatican City on Monday, a day before the papal selection process known as the conclave begins.
Not that anybody needs a good excuse to go to Rome, but this week is an especially crowded one there as journalists flock to Vatican City to pontificate on the selection of the next pope. And as Kevin Roderick noted in LAObserved today, local news outlets who tend to give short shrift to Sacramento politics seem to be especially well-represented there. Channel 2, KCAL 9, NBC 4, KTLA 5 and ABC 7 all have reporters on the scene.

'Letters to Newtown' and the psychology of grieving online

Have you dealt with the grief process online? Do you prefer privacy while you mourn, or can the support of an online community be beneficial? Is group grief a natural impulse? Is it healthy?

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