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How do you feel about serving time on the jury?

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Andrew Ferguson's new book “Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizens Guide to Constitutional Action” explains why jury duty matters Andrew Ferguson book cover

To many people, the most disappointing piece of mail that they can find in their mailbox is the one that reads “JURY SUMMONS.”  It can mean taking a day or more off of work, finding a babysitter, and spending hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs in a boring room. But are we as Americans taking the wrong approach to serving on a jury?

It can be easy to forget how important jury duty is in America. In his new book, Andrew Ferguson explains why jury duty matters. It is a shared tradition that connects people from all races, classes, and backgrounds. What most people see as an annoyance is the only right that shows up in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

And not everyone dreads it.  Some find jury service a fascinating peek into the inner workings of our justice system.

Have you ever served on a jury? Did you find it a tedious duty, or an enjoyable experience? What will you do next time you’re called?

Andrew Ferguson, author of “Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizen's Guide To Constitutional Action”

Why Jury Duty Matters: A Citizen's Guide To Constitutional Action

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