AirTalk for March 19, 2013

Four Iraq War veterans on returning to 'normal' life

Iraq War Vets Airtalk

Rebecca Hill/KPCC

Iraq war veterans Sandra Altamirano, left, Michael Chan, David Barr, and Thom Tran discuss their experiences on AirTalk on the conflict's 10th anniversary.

On the 10th Anniversary of the war in Iraq, we sit down with four veterans of the Iraq War to discuss one of the most challenging parts of fighting such a complex and deadly conflict: Coming home again.

The transition back to "normal" life possess many huge hurdles for vets, whose successes and failures on the road to reassimilation are as momentous as those they faced in theater. No one is left unchanged by war, and on an important milestone in the history of modern warfare, we do our best to understand the real sacrifices vets have made to the safety of the American way of life.

Thom Tran, was a member of one of the first units to cross the border into Iraq in 2004, now a founding member of the GI’s of Comedy, a stand-up comedy trio whose goal is to comfort vets

Sandra Altamirano, currently in the Mobile Public Affairs Department of the US Army Reserves doing military outreach

David Barr, deployed from 2005-2006 as an Army officer, and is now in his final semester of school for his master's in social work at USC

Michael Chan, deployed to Iraq 2006-07 and 2007-08 and is now a PA in the visual effects department at Marvel

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