AirTalk for March 21, 2013

Luis Artiga Acquitted

Bell juror notes could raise questions about verdicts

The jurors in the Bell trial are in court again today, but some juror notes to the judge raise questions about the verdicts.

'The Tonight Show’ leaving Los Angeles

Jay Leno, current host of "The Tonight Show,” and NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt sparred over some of Leno’s jokes that were targeted at NBC’s poor ratings. Now, sources report that Leno's show will move back to New York and Jimmy Fallon may replace Leno in the next few years.
Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists riff on the latest news from the O.C.
President Obama's Offical Visit To Israel And The West Bank Day Two
What is the U.S. role in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Is the White House abdicating its historic position as a lead negotiator?
Close up of a screen which shows an inje
A U.K. fertility watchdog has approved a controversial new procedure to prevent mitochondrial disease. In thIs in vitro procedure, faulty genes from the mother are replaced by those from a donor, creating, in effect, three parents per embryo.
Is Voyager I still making meaningful contributions to our understanding of space? Is the edge of our solar system a defined boundary like the strata of Earth’s atmosphere? What are we learning about the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space?
Houston Texans v Denver Broncos
Yesterday, NFL team owners voted 31-1 to ban the players from ducking their heads to deliver a hit with the “crowns” of their helmets. The Cincinnati Bengals were the only team to vote against the new rule, which penalizes a team 15 yards if a player uses the top of their helmet in a tackle, block, or attempt to advance the ball outside the immediate area surrounding the line of scrimmage.
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