AirTalk for March 28, 2013

LA restaurateur shames no-shows on Twitter: Do you approve? (Poll)

Twitter Red Medicine


Screenshot of Red Medicine's Twitter page.

Imagine planning a delicious dinner party then suddenly your committed guests turn into no-shows and don't even call to cancel. Well, restaurants deal with the problem on a nightly basis, but one Beverly Hills eatery has had enough.

This past weekend, Noah Ellis of the high-end Vietnamese spot Red Medicine called out half a dozen Angelenos who made reservations for the hottest night of the week, then failed to materialize. In a statement, Red Medicine says, "We lost 20% of our total reservations on a Saturday, and a huge chunk of our prime-time bookings ... We understand emergencies happen, but most diners who no-show most likely don't think twice about it."

They said the Twitter flaming won't be a regular practice, but they want to bring attention to the problem.

Are we just less polite or thoughtful when it comes to dealing with businesses? We wouldn’t just no show to a dinner party, why would we do so with a restaurant? If restaurants adopted this more widely, would it prevent people from “no-showing?”

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