AirTalk for March 28, 2013

South Korean Students Sit For Scholastic Ability Tests
A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that it was not unconstitutional for the Lancaster City Council to open its meeting with prayer.
High Speed Rail Anaheim

Mutiny on the high speed rail project

California’s high speed rail project has faced opposition from several constituencies throughout the state, but its toughest criticism yet comes from longtime proponents of the project who say that too many political compromises are undermining legal safeguards, among other complaints.
dog puppy fisheye
Dog owners today spend an average of $655 dollars a year on health care for their pets, up 50 percent from a decade ago, and health care costs for cats are up nearly 75 percent. Why are owners willing to spend so much on their pets?
North Korea's rhetoric has been particularly aggressive recently, but analysts say it remains difficult to gauge the country's intentions and its military capabilities.

North Korea saber rattling too loud to ignore

How real are North Korea’s threats? What exactly is North Korea’s military capability?
Twitter Red Medicine
Are we just less polite or thoughtful when it comes to dealing with businesses? If restaurants adopted this more widely, would it prevent people from “no-showing?” Read the tweets and share your opinion in our poll.

Changing sexual mores in the changing Arab world

Are these views concerning sex rooted in history, culture, and religion? Do you think there’s the potential of change? And how does the Arab world’s view of sex compare with the Western world?
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