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Should film crews be charged tens of thousands to use Grand Park?

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Should the L. A. Board of Supervisors reduce the fee for filming in Grand Park? Mike Sheehan

Today the L.A. County Board of Supervisors is weighing the needs of film crews versus the needs of downtown residents using the Grand Park. The $56-million park project was just unveiled a few months ago. Initially, rates to rent the park for filming were set at $20,000 a block and $80,000 for the entire expanse. As reported by the Los Angeles Downtown News, talks between the county and Hollywood have led to agreement for a significantly lower rate -- $5,000 a block and $15,000 for the full park.

What's less clear is how this would affect local residents as well as transit users who use park pathways. Striking a balance between in-demand movie jobs and Angelenos' enjoyment of the city has been a long-standing issue.

Where do you stand on it? Are crews respectful of your neighborhood? Is there worry that this huge park project is nothing more than a government-subsidized film set? Or are restrictions on filming pushing productions to other states? Would some of those runaway productions leave anyway due to lucrative tax incentives offered by other states?

Ed Duffy, Business Agent, Teamsters Local 399; Duffy is at the Board of Supervisors meeting today

Lucas Rivera, Director of Grand Park

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