AirTalk for April 2, 2013

2008 ESPY Awards - Show

FCC looks to fine tune its indecency rules

Should the FCC loosen its indecency rules? Are indecency rules even relevant today, given more and more people go online to get their entertainment? Are indecency rules unfair to network broadcasters?
Grand park fountain by artist Mike Sheehan
Today the L.A. County Board of Supervisors may lower rates for crews to film in the $56-million Grand Park, but would that make the park nothing more than a government-subsidized film set?
Teacher in Classroom
What are the benefits of ability grouping and tracking? What are the potential drawbacks? How do programs that rely on ability grouping work in LAUSD?
cell phone
Do you worry about the effects of constant cell phone use, or do you think the fears are overblown? Do today’s cell phones pose a greater risk than in the past? How much radiation is too much? Are there precautions we can take to minimize the danger?
Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills

Jackson family sues AEG for wrongful death pop icon

AEG Live, Michael Jackson's last concert promoter, will defend itself in court against liability in Jackson's death. Jackson died of an overdose two weeks before he was scheduled to launch his "This Is It" tour in London during the summer of 2009.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cincinnati Reds
While the Angels have lingered in the shadow of their “crosstown rivals,” the Dodgers, who have spent lavishly on team and stadium, the Angels could certainly be a force to be reckoned with under Scioscia's creative management. Will the Angels have the legs and brains to go the distance?
Two Presidents are Better than One

Why two presidents could end bipartisan gridlock

The American public has long endured bipartisan gridlock and filibustering over things like Obamacare, the fiscal cliff and the sequester. Former Indiana state representative David Orentlicher has had enough and suggests a radical change – How about two presidents instead of one?
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