AirTalk for April 3, 2013

Rutgers Rice Basketball
How far should a coach go to motivate players? According to Rutgers University, men’s basketball coach Mike Rice went way too far. The university fired Rice today, a day after a video of his vitriolic coaching style was put online.
Mercer 4159

Will this be the Hemp bill that Brown doesn’t veto?

Nearly a dozen states have passed mostly symbolic legislation supporting hemp farming. However federal law still prohibits the business. A new bill in California includes language that could legalize hemp production in California if the federal government changes its hemp laws.
Carl Hall No. 22 of the Wichita State Shockers dunks the ball in the first half while taking on the Gonzaga Bulldogs during the third round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in Salt Lake City Saturday.
As we watch the Final Four of both men’s and women’s NCAA basketball this weekend, during commercial breaks we can debate whether student athletes should be paid or if they should play for the pure love of the game and their school.

What the Affordable Care Act means for seniors

California is one of 15 states that will start a pilot program for seniors with both Medicare and Medi-Cal. These “dual eligibles” will be enrolled in a new managed care plan.
After seven years, the housing market is finally recovering and sale prices are finally up again, according to a recent report by analytics firm CoreLogic. But do these numbers keep away real estate investors?
Associated Press, long the arbiter of style for journalists, announced a new revision to its Stylebook. “Illegal immigrant” is no longer allowed when referring to someone who is living or immigrating to a country illegally. Immigrant advocates say a change that’s long overdue.
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