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How can we prevent the need for wilderness rescues?

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Hikers walk through Eaton Canyon Park on Wednesday afternoon, March 27. Molly Peterson/KPCC

Two lost hikers have been found alive in Trabuco Canyon. But the five-day search involved hundreds of personnel and led to the hospitalization of one rescuer, seriously injured in a 60-foot fall. This morning, five hikers that were reportedly missing overnight in Eaton Canyon were found.

Why do hikers ignore warning signs not to leave the trail and strike out into dangerous areas? Should there be more signs, fences and other deterrents, or would that ruin the pristine beauty of our natural wilderness areas? Should we continue to deploy rescuers at taxpayer expense, or should those who venture into the wild be forced to take their chances at survival?

David Whiting, Columnist, The Orange County Register; and an avid hiker

John McKinney, Renowned Trailmaster; Author of numerous hiking guides including “Hike Smart” 

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