AirTalk for April 9, 2013

Senate Republicans Address The Media After Weekly Policy Luncheon

Should journalists reveal their sources?

Mother Jones published on Tuesday a secret meeting between Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his aides on February 2. Mother Jones said they were given the secret recording by an anonymous source, and the FBI is currently investigating who bugged the Senator’s office.

Topless protests split feminists

The feminist protest group FEMEN, founded in Kiev in 2008, is known for their topless protests. This week in Hanover, Germany, when Russian President Vladimir Putin met publicly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a FEMEN protestor approached Putin with anti-Putin slogans painted on her bared breasts.
Gov. Jerry Brown

Governor Brown shopping for trade in China

Governor Jerry Brown touched down in Beijing today. He’s on a week-long trade mission and told reporters today, “We’re a green state, and we like greenbacks.” Chinese officials see a parade of Western governmental and business leaders keen on finding investors.
Supreme Court To Hear Copyright Case Involving The Reselling Goods Made Overseas

Will LA lay down the law on street vending? (Poll)

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is considering a motion today that would clamp down on illegal street vendors. The motion, written by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas who represents the 2nd District, applies to illegal vendors that sell everything from bacon hotdogs on pushcarts to used and new items on the streets in the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles.
The annual economics report from American Association of University Professors reveals that the difficult economic climate is taking a particularly nasty toll on professors at public universities. Tenured professors at private universities received an average of $167,118 last year, while their counterparts at public institutions received an average of $123,393.

Technology, immediacy, and coping with ‘presentism’

Have you ever been annoyed by someone who answered a text in the middle of the conversation? In Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now,” Rushkoff believes that this is a symptom of a new way of life.
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