AirTalk for April 10, 2013

Drought Forces Water Cutbacks To Southern California Farms

Deal reached on migrant farm workers?

Labor groups are fighting to keep the visa cap low and the base wage to be high to ensure that workers are not mistreated. Are the sides moving closer to an agreement? What will it take to make each side satisfied?

Los Angeles targets Chinese 'birth tourists'

Should more be done to keep maternity tourists from coming to Los Angeles? Critics say they are just exploiting the system, but there are also those who say they benefit the local economy, both in the short and long run.
2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Backstage
Is it inherently racist to portray a southern white man defending his association with the Confederate flag? Are the sympathetic voices used by both characters a good way to get at the differing world views, or should the white character be presented negatively in the song? If so, would the song be of any interest?
Last night, in his final State of the City address before he ends his term on June 30th, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa touted the advances made during eight years in office. But what improvements do you have the mayor to thank for? Where has he let you down? How will L.A.’s next mayor take his initiatives to the next level?
Senators Toomey And Mangin Hold Press Conference On Bipartisan Gun Legislation Deal

Is there hope for compromise on gun control in Senate?

Will senators be able to reach a compromise on gun control? Is focusing on individual aspects of the issue the best way to pass legislation? What will happen in the event of a Republican filibuster?

Why anti-bullying policies hurt more than help

Do anti-bullying programs cause more harm than help? Is bullying in schools a problem? What’s the best way to help victims of bullying? Are children more aggressive today than in the past?
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