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UTLA teachers express ‘No Confidence’ in Superintendent Deasy

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Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy speaks during a press conference at South Region High School #2 in Los Angeles, California. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles teachers announced a no confidence vote against L.A. schools Superintendent John Deasy on Thursday. The vote was overwhelming with 91 percent of teachers who participated expressing their disapproval of Deasy.

United Teachers Los Angeles president Warren Fletcher said that teachers are unhappy with Deasy’s reliance on standardized testing and other “phony reforms.” Although Deasy did not comment on the vote’s outcome, eight groups including The United Way, Alliance for a Better Community and the Los Angeles Urban League have announced their support for Superintendent Deasy. In response to the vote, LA School Board President Monica Garcia released a survey of over 100 organizations that voiced their support for LAUSD’s leadership.

How does this vote affect LAUSD students? What does this vote mean for Superintendent Deasy? What are UTLA’s priorities for the future? Where does this vote leave Deasy’s initiatives?


Adolfo Guzman Lopez, KPCC Senior Education Reporter

Ingrid Villeda, UTLA South Area Chair and fifth grade teacher

Monica Garcia, President, LAUSD Board

Ama Nyamekye, Executive Director, Educators 4 Excellence - Los Angeles

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