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California Democrats move to reform Proposition 13

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A view of the California State Capitol February 19, 2009 in Sacramento, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Pressure is mounting to change the sacred cow of California politics. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that California Democratic lawmakers have introduced measures seeking to reform parts of Proposition 13. With a supermajority in the Legislature, Democrats are hoping to finally be able to tackle a popular tax initiative that has hitherto been regarded as bulletproof.

Voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 13 in 1978. It slapped a cap of 1 percent on property taxes in California and required a two-thirds vote to raise any new taxes. Lawmakers have tried six times since 1991 to make changes to Prop. 13, but to no avail. AB188, a measure sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, will have its first hearing today. "I sense a real populism around Prop. 13, that it's not the sacred cow that it once was, and if something did go on the ballot in the next couple of years it would have a lot of support," he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lenny Goldberg, Executive Director of the California Tax Reform Association

Kris Vosburgh,  Executive Director of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


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