AirTalk for April 15, 2013

California state capitol

California Democrats move to reform Proposition 13

Pressure is mounting to change the sacred cow of California politics. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that California Democratic lawmakers have introduced measures seeking to reform parts of Proposition 13.
Rape Conviction Challenged
Could criminal charges come next? Is there any way to prevent wrongful accusers from making off with so much cash?
Unveiling Of Dodge College Of Film And Media Arts - Arrivals

Now presenting: Chapman Filmed Entertainment

Chapman Filmed Entertainment is wrapping up production on their first feature, Trigger. The production company was started by Chapman University's film department and will produce four to six micro-budget films each year by Chapman alumni.
RNC Chairman Priebus Discusses Republican Party Strategy In Washington

Can RNC leaders unify inner-party factions?

Republican voices from across the country gathered in Hollywood this past weekend to discuss the future of the party at the Republican National Committee’s annual Spring Meeting.
After his desperate grappling with his son’s drug abuse, author and journalist David Sheff could not let go of the topic of addiction. His new book, “Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy,” is the product of five years of research and scientifically examines the causes of addictions and how to properly treat it, because the current methods are not working.
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