AirTalk for April 18, 2013


What’s next for gun control?

The Manchin-Toomey bill to expand background checks on gun buyers failed to make it through the Senate yesterday, falling six votes short of passing with a final tally of 54 to 46.
Army recruits perform exercises as part of a demonstration for tourists in front of the military-recruiting station in New York's Times Square.

Should Generals and Admirals face review by subordinates?

If one thing is undeniable about the U.S. military, it's the power of hierarchy. But as part of an effort to reform the training of top military brass, General Martin Dempsey started a review system that includes taking into account the opinions of lower-ranking soldiers and sailors about how their boss does his/her job. Should the military adopt the way of corporate America? Is the political correctness enforced by HR review processes useful in a military constantly engaged in bloody conflict?
Using computer in bed
Revenge porn websites, where an angry ex posts sexually explicit photos or videos of a former lover, have fallen into a legal gray area for decades, but Florida is close to making it illegal to post online nude pictures with identifying information without written consent.
Aurora Colorado Continues To Mourn In Wake Of Movie Theater Killings
Should the theater be liable for death and injury? What responsibility do property owners have in these types of situations?
Plant Explosion Texas

Texas factory explosion destroys a hundred homes

How are firefighters trained to handle chemical accidents? Do volunteer firefighters have the same expertise? How common or rare are industrial explosions? Should there be a wide perimeter around such plants prohibiting residential buildings?
Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
With both teams in the postseason, talk has turned to a Clippers-Lakers “hallway series,” (which would happen in Round 3 of the playoffs), but with both teams facing stiff opposition in the first round, and Oklahoma City and Miami waiting down the road, could a hard-fought season end unceremoniously for Los Angeles’ teams?
Stella & Dot VIP Trunk Show Benefiting The HollyRod Foundation at Georgetown Cupcake
American chefs are ushering in an era of ever-changing menus, pop-up shops, and roving restaurants on wheels, how are tastes adjusting to trend? Why do we eat the things we eat? What drives food culture? What will replace the craft cupcake?
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