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Poll: Would you use Burger King's new delivery service?

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A sign advertising the new Burger King turkey burger is displayed at the drive-through of a Burger King restaurant on March 20, 2013. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The fast food giant Burger King announced that it’s expanding their limited delivery service to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. One local Burger King in Glendale has been delivering Whoppers and fries since earlier this month.

The new push for delivery is one way that the fast food chain is trying to hold on to customers in an increasingly competitive industry. A trend toward healthier eating and competition from newcomers like Chipotle and Panera are encroaching on fast food’s territory.

Will offering delivery help Burger King keep its market share? What else are fast food chains doing to hold on to customers who are more concerned about the health effects of fast food? Are you more likely order a Whopper if it were delivered to you?

Sam Oches, editor of the fast food industry publication QSR Magazine

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