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Domain name battles - Would the real Amazon please stand up?

by AirTalk®

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In a battle of the digital world vs. the real world, Amazon the online retailer is battling Amazon the river over the rights to the .Amazon domain name. The Internet retailer wants to stake its claim to the domain but the governments of Peru and Brazil think .Amazon should be reserved for the protection of the river's environment, the advancement of indigenous rights, and other uses in the public interest. The two South American governments have taken their objections to the ICANN, the international body responsible for the Internet's naming system.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has run into trouble over snapping up broad domain names. The retailer also ruffled some feathers by buying the generic name .Book and not sharing it with anyone else. If two groups both stake a claim to a domain name, who gets it?

Andrew Allemann, editor of Domain Name

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