AirTalk for May 1, 2013

How should the senate deal with LGBT rights as they relate to immigration reform? Is it worth trying to pass the immigration reform bill with an amendment to include same-sex partners even though it is more likely to fail?
San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Will the San Onofre nuclear plant be mothballed?

The costs associated with the shutdown of San Onofre nuclear plant has reached $553 million for Edison International.
Survey Calls U.S. Traffic Signals Inefficient

Will traffic light syncing alleviate LA gridlock?

Los Angeles syncs its traffic lights to alleviate gridlock.
Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation Continues Day After Second Suspect Apprehended

New arrests made in Boston bombing case

Three people have been taken into custody in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings.

Who is responsible for building safety in countries like Bangladesh?

With the death toll well past 350 people and another 1,000 still missing after the Rana Plaza collapsed, it's been the most severe building safety incident in Bangladesh. Who should be accountable for building safety? Is it the retailers or the government? Do consumers bear any responsibility?
A sign at the entrance of Los Angeles In
LAX is going through almost $5 billion in improvements and renovations. How would you redesign LAX?
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