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Malibu’s hidden beaches and how to access them

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How will an app identifying Malibu beach access points change the way the community shares the beachfront? Mae Ryan/KPCC

Anyone who’s ever sat in the bumper to bumper summertime traffic crawling from Santa Monica to Malibu’s Surfrider Beach can attest to two most striking features of the drive: how beautiful the coast is west of the Los Angeles basin and how few actual access points there are to all that stunning beachfront.

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Not only are there few paths, staircases, and parking lots for beachgoers who can’t afford a multi-million-dollar house on the sand, but the few access points that do exist are frequently obscured by homeowners who would rather keep the beach in front of their home “private.”

What tricks are employed to dissuade Angelinos from accessing Malibu’s beaches? Why isn’t there more access to these beaches? Are some beaches private and others public? How do you tell the difference?


Jenny Price, author of newly launched app Our Malibu Beaches

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