AirTalk for May 6, 2013

Marijuana generic
California’s Supreme Court rules to allow cities to ban medicinal marijuana dispeneries
Two-week-old puppies play on June 4, 200

Keeping your pets safe in summer heat

With summer right around the corner and temperatures heating up it’s important to remember to take time to make sure your pets stay cool too. When it’s hot for you, it’s even hotter for them. Too much heat can be extremely dangerous and even fatal for animals.
Frontier Airlines To Lay Off Over 400 Employees
How will the marketplace respond to the beverage fee? What about passengers? Will this make for grumpy, penny pinchers on board? Could it start a trend? What about the carry-on fee? How much financial gain will Frontier see?
One of the highest-paid execs in Corporate America is out of a job. Investors at the Los Angeles-based Occidental Petroleum voted to oust Executive Chairman Ray Irani at its annual shareholder meeting last Friday.
Malibu Lagoon - 10

Malibu’s hidden beaches and how to access them

What tricks are employed to dissuade Angelinos from accessing Malibu’s beaches? Why isn’t there more access to these beaches? Are some beaches private and others public? How do you tell the difference?
Navigating the LA River

The L.A. river is on its way up

The L.A River is undergoing a series of improvements and upgrades that have Angelenos taking a new look at its shores.
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