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Is there a 're-Latin-ization' of 'lohz AHN-hell-uhz' place names? (Poll)

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The Los Angeles skyline. How do you pronounce the names of local neighborhoods, landmarks, and streets? David McNew/Getty Images

Newbies and tourists in Los Angeles easily betray themselves when they spit out the Spanish pronunciation of what we know as San Pedro (san PEE-droh) or Los Feliz (los FEE-liz). Resident Angelenos anglicized those locales so long ago that native Spanish speakers get corrected for saying "sahn PAY-dro" or "lohz fay-LEES." But that could be changing.

As Marisa (mah-REE-sah) Gerber of the LA Times writes, "A younger generation — perhaps more sensitive to the region's history — favors truer Spanish pronunciation. L.A.'s growing Latino population helps propel the new pronunciations, too."

Have you noticed a trend? What's your prefered style? How do you pronounce Hermosa Beach? What about Cesar E. Chavez Avenue or the Chavez Ravine?


Marisa Gerber, Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times

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