AirTalk for May 8, 2013

Charles Ramsey
The drama of the Cleveland kidnapping story yesterday could be eclipsed only by the comedic candor of kidnapping rescuer Charles Ramsey. Television cameras captured Ramsey recounting the story and anyone with an ear for good clip knew it was gold.
Mercer 15060
What can Congress change to protect members of the military without weakening the system? Who should deal with incidents within the military’s ranks? Is the high number of assaults a reflection of increased offenses or better reporting?
Does this increase the odds Christie is seeking a presidential run? Does this increase his chances of a successful bid? Did Christie take the easy way out by having surgery instead of losing weight by dieting or working out? Is this a case of "Damned if you do and damned if you don't?"
Safe Sleep for Baby PSA English

Is sharing a bed with your infant safe?

Do you co-sleep or share a bed with your infant? Do you think it’s safe? What are the risks of bed-sharing?
Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Washington Redskins
Washington D.C. councilman David Grosso has put forth a new resolution asking the city’s pro football team to change its name. Though there’s some debate as to the origin of the term ‘Redskins’, the phrase has often been described as offensive to Native Americans.
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