AirTalk for May 10, 2013

University Financial Aid Officials Suspended In Student Loan Probe

UCLA brain drain to USC

USC has lured a world-renowned neuroscience lab away from UCLA. Described as perhaps the world's premier lab in brain research, leading professors Arthur Toga and Paul Thompson have reportedly been promised more research opportunities and upgraded facilities at USC.
South Korean and Korean Brazilian footba
Senator John McCain yesterday introduced the Television Consumer Freedom Act 2013, which would force networks to unbundle their products, giving cable companies and viewers the ability to purchase channels a la carte.
Thanks to dropping profits, the land is going to be used for new developments such as residential housing units, a park, a movie theater, offices and a hotel.
Larry and KPCC critics Wade Major and Henry Sheehan review this week’s releases, including The Great Gatsby, Peeples, And Now a Word from Our Sponsor, and more. TGI-FilmWeek!

Instant cult classic: 'The Source Family' documentary

The new documentary, “The Source Family,” tells the story of a man who saw himself first as a guru, then as God, and, finally, as a very flawed man.
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