AirTalk for May 13, 2013

IRS targeted conservative groups

Demonstrators hold signs near the Washin


The IRS apologized for targeting the tea party and other conservative groups in its screening process -- how should the IRS avoid politicization?

The IRS has come under fire after senior official Lois Lerner announced that the group had inappropriately targeted conservative-leaning groups. The IRS has in the past been accused of politicizing the screening process for tax-exempt status application.

Conservative groups especially have said the IRS unfairly focuses on them, using keywords like “tea party” and “patriot” to aid in their search. The screening process is likely in violation of IRS policy. Lerner issued an apology to the tea party groups and Democrats and Republicans in the Senate Finance Committee, including Committee Chairman Max Baucus, have called for an investigation into the IRS’ actions.

Did the IRS break the law by inappropriately targeting conservative groups? How should they be held accountable? Is there any evidence they targeted other groups as well?


Josh Hicks, Washington Post reporter and “Federal Eye” blogger


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