AirTalk for May 13, 2013

lausd school bus
The mediations required by new disciplinary measures take time and are more costly than suspensions – will LAUSD be able to manage financially if the resolution passes?
Tennis Player Renee Richards
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s AB 1266 would allow transgender students in public K-12 schools to use bathrooms and participate in team sports that correspond to their gender identity.
Demonstrators hold signs near the Washin

IRS targeted conservative groups

Did the IRS break the law by inappropriately targeting conservative groups? How should they be held accountable? Is there any evidence they targeted other groups as well?
House Holds Hearing On Benghazi Consulate Attacks
Did the United States mishandle the September 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya? Was there a cover-up? President Obama today called media's renewed interest in Benghazi a "sideshow" and denied any sort of a cover-up.

Weighing risks when mapping travel plans

What do you consider when you travel? Are some countries more dangerous than others? What sources do you use to plan your vacation?
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