AirTalk for May 15, 2013

Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday Drivers
The National Transportation Safety Board recommends that the legal blood alcohol level be reduced to 0.05 from the current level of 0.08.
Today we're having our monthly check in with the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Charlie Beck, on a host of topics, including the reward decision for fugitive Christopher Dorner, the department's lawsuit with ACLU over the use of data collected by license plate scanners attached to LAPD cruisers, accusations from USC students that police treated black and white students differently when breaking up parties near campus, and more.
Mayor Race - Eric Garcetti

Checking in on the race for LA mayor

With the runoff election for Los Angeles Mayor between Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel taking place in less than a week, Larry talks with KPCC’s political team for a check in.
Instagram Challenge Earth Winner - stevenjay
LACMA director Michael Govan joins AirTalk to talk about his redesign ideas. How it will affect the future of the Los Angeles art scene?
AV USE ONLY - Maya's IG Feed
Should more laws be imposed that are more specific to cycling safety? What's the right punishment for dooring? Are there some traffic laws that should only apply to drivers, but don't make sense for cyclists? Or should everyone be treated the same to ensure clarity and safety?
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