AirTalk for May 16, 2013

Amazon enters the world of online streaming video with new production arm


Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios creates pilots like "Zombieland"

The web has come a long way since cat videos and reruns of old TV shows. The success of Netflix's "House of Cards" has inspired a lot of other video streaming sites to get into lucrative game of producing original content. Hulu and Yahoo both have a dedicated production arm of their own.

The latest entry is a name that doesn't typically get associated with original sitcoms or dramas. Amazon has recently released 14 new pilot episodes on its website created by its Amazon Studios unit and the e-commerce site wants viewers to choose which previews the company should turn into full-on, season-long shows. The 14 offerings range from well-known Hollywood entities, like the Sony spin-off Zombieland, to lesser-known creations a la the comedy Those Who Can't, which was generated from an online submission entry.

What's the creative process behind these pilots? How did ideas get the green light? How has response been so far?

Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios

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